SKEA Strategic Long-Range Plan

Target Audience

SKEA's target audience is the Hawaii Island community with a focus on South Kona residents.


The Society for Kona's Education and Art (SKEA) enriches lives through creativity and knowledge.

Mission Statement

With a focus on South Kona, the Society for Kona's Education and Art serves the Hawaii Island community by providing arts and educational opportunities through programs, projects, and events which enhance their lives.

Guiding Principles and Organizational Values

SKEA embraces the following guiding principles and values.

1. We believe the arts are essential to quality of life.

2. We believe the arts are an essential part of education, so SKEA will supplement arts instruction in public schools.

3. We will be respectful, responsible stewards of our historical and cultural resources.

4. To build and maintain a successful organization, it is essential that we be responsible stewards of our financial resources.

5. We believe that enthusiastic staff and volunteers with diverse skills and abilities are vital to success, so we will nurture and wisely use our human resources.

6. We believe that educating and inspiring youth is critical for the future, so we will develop programs and provide opportunities for youth.

7. We will be welcoming and serving in all that we do.

8. We will maintain a level of excellence that inspires trust and confidence in SKEA.

9. We believe that creating partnerships and collaborating with individuals, community organizations, and public agencies will lead to success for all those involved.

10. We believe it is essential to the identity of SKEA to be respectful of the contributions of various ethnic and cultural groups.

11. We will make a difference by remaining relevant to our audiences and providing meaningful programs and services.

12. We will remain neutral in political and religious issues.