SKEA Facility Rentals

Renting SKEA

SKEA members can rent space at SKEA for classes, workshops, events, and other activities. (If you are not already a member, it will be required before your reservation is confirmed.) Please read the Site and Programming Information below, and click Facility Use Request to make a request. You may also contact the SKEA office directly at 808.328.9392.

For questions and more information, email

Site and Programming Information


  • Facilities available: The main level of the main building, the two bathrooms makai side of the schoolhouse, and the front yard. We also have two tents available for you to set up if you wish. Maximum capacity: approx. 75 folks.
  • Facilities not available: The Kona Potters Guild in the lower level of the school house, the part of the cottage housing the SKEA office, and the shed next to the cottage.
  • Hours: Entertainment is to be completed by 10pm. The facility is to be closed by 11pm.
  • Prohibited activities on the premises: smoking within the buildings, alcohol, and illegal drugs.
  • Advertising: Please note that unless an event is specifically sponsored by SKEA, any advertising for an event must not imply sponsorship by SKEA.


  • There are two parking areas: one is above and one is below the schoolhouse.
  • To assure maximum parking space, please be sure cars are parked in a mauka/makai direction.
  • The “No Parking” zone on the highway must be observed. Cars parked in this zone inhibit the visibility of cars pulling out and create a serious traffic hazard and hard feelings among neighbors.
  • Parking is not allowed on either side of the access road.


  • Bathrooms are located at the south Makai side of the schoolhouse.
  • Please check at the end of your program /event and make sure the bathrooms are left clean.

CLEAN UP – Please read carefully

  • All building users are responsible for leaving the building and grounds clean and in the order in which they were found. We all want to have a clean and organized space to use. SKEA’s resources for upkeep are limited. The only way to keep the facility clean on a daily basis is for everyone who uses the building to do more than they think is necessary. Consider enlisting the help of your participants. Many hands make light work.
  • Broom, vacuum, mop, trash bags, Windex and paper towels are located on the South Porch for your use.
  • Please sweep the area you’ve used; vacuum and/or mop if necessary.
  • If you make use of the mirrors in the Big Room, please clean them.
  • Please sweep the lanai.
  • Please check at the end of your program and make sure the bathrooms are left clean.
  • You are responsible for removing ALL your own trash from the premises


  • Your room combination will be provided upon payment. These combinations are confidential and may not be given out.
  • Please return any furniture you use to its original location.
  • Items brought with you must be removed at the end of the event.
  • Please be sure all windows are closed, lights are off, fans are off, and doors are locked.


  • Damages are the responsibility of the organizer.
  • A $100 refundable security deposit is required which will be returned if the facility is left in satisfactory condition. Deposits will be refunded if your event is canceled at least two weeks in advance.


  • The event organizer must be a member of SKEA.
  • The organizer is responsible for payment of facility use fees, payable to SKEA.
  • See Rental Rates and Fees for full rate information


  • We can help you market your function, please talk to the office staff about this service. SKEA produces a quarterly newsletter, maintains a website, which lists events, classes and workshops. We are happy to display your flyer or poster on our bulletin boards.
  • Please Note: Unless an event is specifically sponsored by SKEA, any advertising for an event must not imply sponsorship by SKEA.

SKEA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The SKEA building is available for rent, for use as a commuity meeting center, to individuals and groups regardless of their political or religious affiliation. Views expressed by such renters do not represent those of SKEA and its Board of Directors.