History of SKEA

The SKEA building was originally built in 1905 to serve as a school for Japanese-speaking children. Many of Kona's Japanese residents came here to work in the sugar and coffee industries. Farm children attended schools like this one, often picking coffee on their family's farm both before and after school. Today, SKEA provides a gathering place for art workshops, art camps for children and small groups of people who come to SKEA for many varied activities.

Photo courtesy of the Kona Historical Society

This photo from the early 1900's shows
the building when it began as a Japanese
language schoolhouse.

"Bottle Wall" - this is in an old Japanese-style
bathhouse on the SKEA grounds - the building is
now used for storage. This wall is made of glass
bottles mortared into a frame.

The SKEA building as it looks today.

The SKEA Office, located on the SKEA
grounds adjacent to the schoolhouse.

The Beginnings of SKEA

Teunisse Rabin

Teunisse was one of the founders of SKEA and served
as the first Executive and Program Director. She was
instrumental in giving SKEA a solid foundation and
her hard work helped to make SKEA what it is today.
Teunisse died of cancer in 2002 but her contributions
live on at SKEA.