Zoo Animals Mural

Zoo Animals Mural

Students create two large murals of zoo animals in their environments. Science discussions include what the animals looks like, how they are alike and different in shapes and colors, and what their natural environments look like. In art, students learn about textures as they do rubbings and printing, and they experiment with color and shape through painting and printing.

Grade Pre-school
Content Area Science
Key Benchmark Standard 4: : Explore characteristics of living things

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark Standard 1: Create and express themselves through a variety of art experiences
School Year 2007-2008
Artist Cherokee Shaner
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

LP1 Rubbings & Junk Printing

Students use large peeled crayons to rub over newsprint placed on surfaces with different textures. Then they use tempera paints and various “found objects” to stamp print. These decorated papers will be used in later sessions.

LP2 Painting BIG

Students paint and print on background cardboard that has been painted a solid color by teachers.

LP3 More Printing

Students print on large animal cut-outs prepared by the classroom teachers, using tempera paint and "junk" items used in previous lessons.

LP4 Completing the Mural

Students glue animals to background, add more painting details. Then they complete the mural by adding details for eyes, whiskers, ears, tails, fur, plants, etc. using yarn, pipe cleaners, colored tissue and paper to both the animals and the background.

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Rubbings & Junk Printing
Painting BIG
More Printing
More Printing
Lesson 4
Completing the Mural