What Can We Do With Clay?

What Can We Do With Clay?

Students exercise gross and fine motor skills as they manipulate clay and press designs into it. They learn some vocabulary related to clay and the tools and processes they are using.Clay forms are used to reinforce learning about marine animals, numbers, and letters.

Grade Pre-school
Content Area Language Arts
Key Benchmark Language #4: Recognize and use symbols

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark Art #1: Create and express oneself through a variety of art experiences
School Year 2005-2006
Artist Alysia Samaru
Unit Plan

GLO #4 Quality Producer
Assessment Observation/Questioning (Art)

Lesson Plans

LP 1 Introduction to Clay

Students make coils and balls of clay. Coils are shaped to make numbers and letters.

LP 2 Making Marine Animals

Students shaped clay to make sharks and whales, then pressed objects into the clay to make designs.

LP 3 Pinch Pots

Students made simple pinch pots.

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Lesson 1 - Introduction to Clay
Lesson 1 - Introduction to Clay