Two Ways to Make a Pot

Two Ways to Make a Pot

Students learn coil and slab techniques for shaping clay. They make, glaze, and kiln fire two pieces.

Grade 2
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA.2.1.1 Use the element of art and the principles of design with a variety of art media
School Year 2009-2010
Artist Alysia Samaru
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

Making a Coil Pot

Students learn the terminology and techniques for creating a pot using the coil technique.

Making a Slab Pot

Students make a vase by rolling a slab and then wrapping it around a cylindrical form.


Students decorate their pots with ceramic glazes. Pieces are then fired
in the kiln.

Additional Photos for "Two Ways to Make a Pot"

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Student rolls out a slab as first step in making a vase
Student adds a design to the slab.
Student prepares to fix the bottom onto the vase.