Three Cultures: Three Folktales

Three Cultures: Three Folktales

Each 6th grade class on the team selects a folk tale from a continent included in their World Cultures study. Then students create a script, design costumes, scenery, and props, and perform the play for students and parents. In visual arts, students discuss how the “look” of the production will reflect the culture from which the tale comes. Then they work with the artist to design costumes, scenery, and props. In drama/Language Arts (oral communication), students learn how voice and actions convey character. In Language Arts (writing), students learn to write a script. In Social Studies, students discuss how folktales reflect and express culture. They look at what the tales reveal about families and communities in ancient society. They compare and contrast the values embedded in the tales with the values of our society today.

Grade Middle School
Content Area Social Studies
Key Benchmark SS 6.2.2: Explain the past on its own terms; not judging it solely by present-day norms and values

SS 6.6.1: Examine the ways in which different cultures have influenced families and communities
Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark 6_8.1.4: Apply different qualities and characteristics of art materials, techniques, and processes to effectively convey different ideas
School Year 2006-2007
Artist Anita Broennimann
Unit Plan

GLO #5 Effective Communicator
Assessment GLO – checklist attachedFine Arts – observation and evaluation of finished workSocial Studies: unknown:

Lesson Plans

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