Puppet Theater

Puppet Theater

Each student is assigned a character from a familiar story, makes a puppet of that character, and participates in a puppet performance of the story. Students gain understanding of the characters in the story, learn to bring characterization into their voices, and project their voices. In addition to having fun, they can take pride in their performance.

Grade 1
Content Area Language Arts
Key Benchmark LA 1.3.1 Identify basic story elements of character and setting

LA 1.6.1 Express ideas through drama activities
Art Form Drama
Art Benchmark 1.3.2 Dramatize a familiar story
School Year 2009-2010
Artist Lisa Folden
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

Introducing the Story

Students hear the story of The Little Red Hen and discuss the characters and how they behave. Students read the story in script form and parts are assigned.

Making Puppets

Students are given the basic puppet form and they embellish it to give it character and expression.

Putting the Performance Together

Students go through the story, saying their lines. They are shown how to project their voices and bring out the emotion of their characters as they speak their lines.


Students see the puppet stage and learn how to work their puppets from the back. Everyone gets a chance to try it. Audience skills are discussed. Students are given little visual aids to use as props for remembering their lines. One or two students will have lines to memorize or read. Each group has a rehearsal of the whole story.


Each group of 5 has a chance to practice doing their whole performance using the puppet stage.


Students perform for each other in their story groups of 5.