Print Making for Parents and Preschoolers

Print Making for Parents and Preschoolers

Preschool students and their parents are guided through 4 print-making sessions using objects and materials found around the homeor outdoors. The objective is to introduce projects that parents could repeat or extend at home.Parents and children made cards and bookmarks printed with household objects; bookcovers or wrapping paper decorated with leaf prints and rubbings; and printed designs with fabric paints on T-shirts.

Grade Pre-school
Content Area Creative Curriculum
Key Benchmark P Goal 1: To build a partnership with families

P Goal 2: support families in their parenting role
Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark Art Benchmark Art #2: Begin to learn about art elements and techniques
School Year 2005-2006
Artist Ellen Crocker
Unit Plan

Assessment Observation; parent comments:

Lesson Plans

1 Printing with Common Household Objects

Parents and children make prints using tempera paints and common household objects. The finished products were turned into cards and bookmarks. Objects used included spools, nuts and bolts, erasers, corks, buttons, bubble wrap, washers, pieces of wood, and string.

2 Leaf Prints & Rubbings

Natural objects were used for printing or doing rubbings. These techniques were used in making covers for the children’s science composition books. First you take the leaf with the top facing down, place any type of paper over the leaf and with the crayon on its side, rub firmly over the leaf, using different colors. Then paint with watercolor paint or tempera using the crayon as resist. The paint should be applied thin enough so as not to stick to the crayon.

3 Stamping Designs

Designs were stamped on paper, which was used to cover books, or to make cards and bookmarks. The inexpensive stamps are available in local stores and were mostly of insects and local animals to coordinate with science lessons.

4 Printing on T-Shirts

Students and parents used fabric paints to print designs on T-shirts. They again used the foam stamps of insects and animals.

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Printing with common household objects
Leaf prints and rubbings
Stamping designs