Picture Postcards--Felted Scenes

Picture Postcards--Felted Scenes

Students create a wool felting picture postcard using colored wool and a felting needle. Looking at art reproductions introduces the idea of creating a landscape with a foreground, middle ground, and background.

Grade 3
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA 3.2.1: Use a variety of art media to create an original work of art
School Year 2008-2009
Artist Lynn Pinault
Unit Plan

Assessment Completed work reflects concepts and techniques taught.:

Lesson Plans

LP1 Creating a Landscape Scene

The students are introduced to the concepts of perspective and depth of field by learning to identify foreground, middle ground and background in artists’ paintings. Each student then uses colored wool and a felting needle to create a scene.

LP2 Finishing and Presenting

Students complete their felted scenes. They learn how to add a border and felt the border onto the image they have created by twisting the wool into a rope design, which is also used as a hanger for the finished work.

Additional Photos for "Picture Postcards--Felted Scenes "

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Student begins making her scene
Art reproductions used to demonstrate depth of field and perspective
Student works on felting the scene
Student beginning to make the border piece
Student working on a border/hanger
Students adds a border
Artist explains how to attach the border
Student shows her finished work
Student shows finished work
Student shows finished work