Performing a Swedish Winter Song

Performing a Swedish Winter Song

Students participated in a performance of a Swedish song by doing one of the following: Singing in Swedish, playing rhythmic accompaniment, playing melodic accompaniment, or doing the traditional Swedish dance for the song. Working with the artist for 5 sessions, students learned the song, learned their parts, practiced working together as an ensemble, and performed at the school’s winter concert for parents and friends.

Grade 5
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark FA 5.5.4: Integrate several arts disciplines into a performance

Art Form Music
Art Benchmark
School Year 2005-2006
Artist Matt Binder
Unit Plan

GLO #4 Quality Producer
Assessment Checklist (GLO) See PDF file for details.:

Lesson Plans

LP 1 Introduction of Song

Artist sang the song for the class and led a discussion of how it could be presented through singing, playing instruments, and dancing.

LP 2 Learning the Song and Dance

The whole class tried singing the song and doing the traditional dance. Students chose what performing group they wanted to be part of—singing, dancing, playing ukulele accompaniment, or playing a rhythmic accompaniment.

LP 3 Practicing Parts

Groups worked separately with the artist on their part of the performance. Toward the end of the hour they had a first attempt to put it all together.

LP 4 Ensemble Practice

After trying all the parts together once through, students discussed the elements of a good ensemble performance. Groups then worked on performing their part as a good ensemble. Then the whole class tried putting the performance together once more.

LP 5 Dress Rehearsal

Students went to the site of the concert and practiced on stage.