Performance of Los Machetes

Performance of Los Machetes

Four classes of 3rd graders learned a traditional Mexican dance called Los Machetes. Then they collaboratively developed four original variations. The dance with the variations was performed as part of the school's May Day celebration for parents and friends.

Grade 3
Content Area Social Studies
Key Benchmark SS 3.6.1: Explain that different cultures have unique values, beliefs, and practices.

Art Form Dance
Art Benchmark FA 3.4.3: Perform dance movements of different styles, cultures, and time periods.
School Year 2007-2008
Artist Matt Binder
Unit Plan

GLO #4 Quality Producer
Assessment Art Form – Dance Group Assessment was conducted frequently as students were involved in discussions of choreography, performance issues, and cultural context. GLO – Quality Producer - Observed in discussion of what makes a good ensemble and in the final performance. :

Lesson Plans

(No lesson plans were submitted for this unit.)