Peace Path Mural

Peace Path Mural

Students worked with the artist to design a mural in two sections that would be permanently installed in a major outdoor walkway in the school. The idea was to make this busy space peaceful, to encourage quiet voices and walking rather than running. The mural shows portraits of the student artists, expressing a peacefulness in expression and (for some) hand gestures.

Grade 5
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA 5.1.1 Use the elements of art and principles of design with a variety of art media.
School Year 2010-2011
Artist Cherokee Shaner
Unit Plan

The artist put a basecoat on the plywood, traced the portrait outlines onto the plywood, and put on the sealer so the mural would be ready for outdoor installation.

Lesson Plans

LP 1 Creating the Original Self-Portraits

Twenty-three 4th and 5th graders from the A+ Program met and were introduced to the site and the purpose of the project. They learned about portraiture and the proportions of the face. Each student began a 12” x 18” self-portrait.

LP 2 Adding Gestures

Students completed their self-portraits and learned how to draw hands. A variety of signs and hand symbols for the background were drawn – gestures indicating “quiet, safe, walk, peace, respectful, responsible, slow, calm.”

LP 3 Painting on Plywood

Set-up for painting was on the stage in the cafeteria so project and supplies could remain in one place until finished. Student drawings were mounted onto 3 ½’ x 8’ strips of paper and taped to the wall for them to work from. Their drawings were cut out and traced onto the plywood with their names prior to beginning painting. Students sketched in the big areas of face, hair, and clothes, then painted those areas.

LP 4 Adding Details

The first layer of paint being dry, students were able to add facial features, hair decorations, and clothing details.

LP 5 Continuation of Lesson 4

Students finished the painted portraits.

LP 6 Completing the Mural

Painting was completed by students who had been absent, and other students painted the words and thematic title on the mural.

LP 7 Continuation of Lesson 6

All students finished their work and everything was completed on the background.

LP 8 Ta Da!

Students were able to view the mural with its sealing top-coat on. Final discussions included how students felt about the finished mural design, and what they learned about design elements and technique.

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