Our Changing Earth

Our Changing Earth

Students will engage in two visual arts projects to deepen their understanding that the earth’s crust is made up of layers and that there are both slow processes (such as weathering and erosion) and fast processes (such as volcanic eruptions and tsunamis) that reshape the surface of the earth. In connection with their artwork, they will consider the idea that nature is not “art,” but our perception and arrangement of natural objects can be art.

Grade 4
Content Area Science
Key Benchmark SC 4.8.1: Describe how slow processes sometimes shape and reshape the surface of the Earth

SC 4.8.2: Describe how fast processes sometimes shape and reshape the surface of the Earth
Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA 4.1.1: Use the elements and principles of art and design, including emphasis, proportion, texture, complementary colors, positive & negative space, and depth
School Year 2006-2007
Artist Ellen Crocker
Unit Plan

GLO #2 Community Contributor
Assessment Art – Student understanding and application of design principles such as emphasis, proportion, and depth will be observed by their layer drawings and from their discussion when designing the quilt.Science – Verbal labeling of the earth’s layers; ability to explain the various materials being used for the quiltGLO – Community Contributor (checklist attached):

Lesson Plans

Lp 1 Layers of the Earth

The students will be working in teams of 3-4 to create murals approximately 3’ x 5’. The students can select which format they would like to use, a slice of the earth’s core, a circular form, or their own design. They will decide their compositon design of the mural, marking their sketch with colors and drawing the layers of the earth—the inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust. The artist will relate the design principle of proportion to the proportions of the layers, i.e. that some are thicker than others.

Lp 2 Completing the Earth Layers Murals

On the second day, the students will paint their murals with tempera paint.

LP 3 Earth Art

Students will be introduced to the art of Andy Goldsworthy by viewing samples of his work on the morning-earth.org website, showing the overlap of his interest in art and science apparent in his creations. They will also think about the quilt as a design problem. They will be assigned to collect materials for the Earth Quilt.

LP 4 Creating an Earth Quilt

Working together as a class, students will form an Earth Quilt using natural materials (rocks and coral in various stages of break-down) in tofu containers. Each container will be filled with one material. The containers will be arranged to create a quilt-like grid. They will discuss various ways of arranging the squares to create their design. Several designs will be made, and photographs will be taken of each one. These “earth quilts” will be displayed in the school for a time.

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Lesson 2 - Completing the Earth Layers Drawings
Lesson 2 - Completing the Earth Layers Drawings
Lesson 2 - Completing the Earth Layers Drawings
Lesson 4 - Earth Quilt
Lesson 4 - Earth Quilt