My Magnificent Castle

My Magnificent Castle

Students strengthen their understanding of 3-dimensional shapes such as the cone, cube, and cylinder through drawing those figures. Students then use this understanding to design and draw their own Magnificent Castle, incorporating at least three, 3-dimensional shapes.

Grade 3
Content Area Math
Key Benchmark Describe the properties of simple geometric 3-dimensional forms.

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark Use shading and perspective to create a 3-dimensional look for a solid object.
School Year 2010-2011
Artist Heather Scarbrough
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

The Cone

• Artist demonstrates how to draw a cone using a ruler and shading to aid in creating the appearance of a three-dimensional object
• Students draw a cone, then flip the shape over, and add a sphere to make it into an ice cream cone.
• Students then make their own flavor of ice cream and color it with crayons.

The Prism

• Artist introduces using an oblique grid.
• Artist demonstrates how to draw and shade a cube on grid.
• Students draw a cube on their own oblique grid.
• Artist shows how to extend a cube into a rectangular prism.
• Students turn their cubes into Rubik cubes, designing configuration, outlining with black pen then coloring with crayon.

The Cylinder

• Artist demonstrates how to draw and shade a cylinder.
• Artist demonstrates how to attach a cone, and organic shapes to aid in appearance of a rocket.
• Students draw and transform a cylinder and cone into a rocket, then decorate with crayons.

Building with Three-dimensional Shapes

• Artist shows a large-scale book of architecture from around the world and the class looks for 3-D shapes in those buildings.
• Drawing exercise: Students practice drawing the prism, cylinder and cone shapes, and play with putting them together to make simple architectural structures.

Planning, Designing, Sketching

• Artist explains the task: to plan, design and sketch a drawing of their castle first in a 2-dimensional perspective.
• Pictures of famous castles are discussed and displayed on overhead.
• Students begin to design and plan their own magnificent castle, using isometric grid, pencils and drawing paper.

My Magnificent Castle - in Three Dimensions

• Artist reviews how to make the 2-dimensional shapes look 3-dimensional
• Students continue drawing their Magnificent Castles, shading to add depth, coloring, and then adding details.
• Project concludes with a class presentation and discussion of students’ Magnificent Castles.

Additional Photos for "My Magnificent Castle"

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Strawberry Chip (L1)
M & M Cone (L1)
Vanilla Sundae (L1)
Rasta Rainbow (L1)
Making a prism, starting with a grid (L2)
Making a prism (L2)
A finished prism (L2)
Prism (L2)
Cylinder + cone = Blast Off!! (L3)
Rocket roaring through space (L3)
Using shapes to make a building (L4)
Using shapes to make a building (L4)
Completed castle (L6)
Completed castle (L6)
Completed castle (L6)
Completed castle (L6)