Music & Dance in Different Cultures

Music & Dance in Different Cultures

Students learn simple dances used to celebrate holidays or historical events in different cultures. Some dances include playing rhythm instruments.

Grade 1
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark FA 1.2.8: Compare music used for special occasions from various cultures (Music)

Art Form Music
Art Benchmark FA 1.2.1: Use simple patterns of rhythm and pitch using quarter notes, quarter rest, and eighth notes (Music)
School Year 2005-2006
Artist Matt Binder
Unit Plan

GLO #2 Community Contributor
Assessment Observation (Music/Dance); Checklist (GLO) See PDF files for details.:

Lesson Plans

LP 1 Mexican Songs & Dances

Students learn a Mexican dance often done at Cinco de Mayo festivals, called La Raspa.

LP 2 Mexican Songs & Dances, Part 2

Students do La Raspa again and learn Los Machetes, another Mexican folk dance. This one involves using rhythm sticks, played on the beat.

LP 3 Exploring Rhythms

Play with rhythm sticks in 4/4, 3/4, 2/2 with variations and syncopations. Play "Discover That Rhythm" with about a dozen songs from teacher's CD's.

LP 4 Irish and Israeli Songs

Students tried out dances from Ireland and Israel with guitar and recorder accompaniment.

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Mexican Songs and Dances
Mexican songs and dances
Exploring rhythms