Making Gifts of Clay, Gr 1

Making Gifts of Clay, Gr 1

Children make three things which could be given as holiday gifts, while learning basic techniques for working with clay.

Grade 1
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA 1.1.2: Use the elements of line, shape, form, texture, color, and the principles of repetition and variety in artwork using a variety of art media
School Year 2007-2008
Artist Alysia Samaru
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

LP1 Textured Slab Discs

Students learn a song about working clay with your hands. The artist demonstrates how to make a slab. Then children start with a ball of clay and roll out the slabs, which are decorated by “drawing” designs into the wet clay.

LP2 Making Knee Turtles

Students make a clay turtle, shaping it on their own knee. In this lesson they learn how to attach one clay part to another.

LP3 Making Clay Bells

Students are introduced to the pinch pot technique. The pots will be turned upside down to create holiday bells.

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Lesson 1: Getting ready: singing a song about working with clay
Lesson 1: Decorating the disc
Lesson 1: A proud student shows her finished work
Lesson 1: Finished discs laid out to dry
Lesson 2: Shaping the clay on the knee to make the turtle shape
Lesson 2: Decorating the turtle shell
Lesson 2: Finished turtles set out to dry
Lesson 3: Beginning a pinch pot
Lesson 3: Artist gives advice
Lesson 3: Finished shape for a holiday bell