Making Felted Balls

Making Felted Balls

Each student creates a wool roving ball that has been felted by hand using white wool roving, water, and soap. Students choose smaller pieces of colored wool to apply to the basic ball. The ball can be used for play, relaxation exercises, or hung on a string and used as a decoration.

Grade Pre-school
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark Pre: Standard 1: Explore and experiment with a variety of expressive media
School Year 2008-2009
Artist Lynn Pinault
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

LP 1 Making a Felted Ball

Each student gets a small piece of dry wool roving and begins to shape the long section into a tight ball. The ball is dipped in warm water until it is completely wet and then the ball is rubbed with ivory soap. The student keeps wetting and rolling the felted wool into the hand until the ball is hard and firm. Next, the student spreads a small amount of colored wool apart so it is see-through, then layers it onto the basic ball, gently adding water and a little soap to hold the colored wool in place. More colors can be layered on in the same way. Finally the felted wool ball is placed by the student’s name and allowed to air-dry for 24 hours.

Additional Photos for "Making Felted Balls "

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Aunty Lynn has a helper who introduces the activity
A child tests out the feel of the wool roving
Children wet the wool balls in water and Ivory soap
Wool forming into a ball
Completed felt balls