Kapa & Printing

Kapa & Printing

Students create a design for their kihei. They learn to interpret Hawaiian designs and hear the legends associated with kapa-making and printing.

Grade 3
Content Area Science
Key Benchmark SS 3.6.1: Explain that different cultures have unique values, beliefs, and practices

Art Form Hawaiian Cultural Arts
Art Benchmark FA 3.1.2: Use a variety of art and technology media to create an original work of art
School Year 2007-2008
Artist Momi Subiono
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

LP 1 Making Kapa

Students explore the process of making kapa through hands-on experience. They learn the chant for beating kapa and scraping the bark.

LP 2 Designing Kihei

Students are introduced to various traditional Hawaiian design elements and their meanings. Then they are guided through the process of creating a design for the 3rd graders to print in their kihei.

LP 3 'Ohe Kapala Printing

Students come out of class in pairs to print on their kihei fabric.

LP 4 Making Kihei

Students make their individual kihei, completing the project.

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Making Kapa
'Ohe Kapala Printing
'Ohe Kapala Printing