Jazz Boot Camp

Jazz Boot Camp

Students will understand what jazz is, what jazz improvisation is, and how to sing jazz improvisation. The students will be learning how to create their own style of scat; how to create music; how to figure out music lines and improvise on those lines. They will come to understand music as a form of communication. In the process, they will conquer shyness, learn to release their own voices, and become confident with intention while singing or speaking.

Grade 4
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark

Art Form Music
Art Benchmark FA 4.2.3: Sing an independent part of a song with two or more parts.
School Year 2008-2009
Artist Azure McCall
Unit Plan

Assessment Classroom performance of "Harold's House of Jazz" with individuals improvising their own scat lines.:

Lesson Plans

LP 1-5 Jazz Boot Camp

Each 30-minute lesson begins with stretching and breathing exercises. Then we read the text. Question and Answer section about each thing we are doing, at the time. Each student will be called upon to read the song aloud and then with the group. It is important sometimes to rely on the other person for the tempo or beat. We learn to clap the rhythm or snap with our fingers. We learn what counter rhythms are and how to do syncopated rhythms against them. Every day we will go over diction, syncopation, and articulation so students can learn their definitions.