I Can Make Music

I Can Make Music

Young students learn to use their voices, bodies, and simple rhythm instruments to make music.

Grade K
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark

Art Form Music
Art Benchmark FA K.2.2: Demonstrate simple representation of high and low, short and long, loud and soft, fast and slow
School Year 2008-2009
Artist Maureen Langberg
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

LP 1 What is Music?

An introduction to the human voice and body as music-making instruments and how music developed across cultures as people imitated sounds in nature. Students learn a song and use rhythm sticks to imitate patterns.

LP 2 I Can Make Music

Students explore creating sounds that are short and long, loud and soft, fast and slow using both their voices and instruments. Students learn to keep a steady beat, varying tempo and volume. A new song and game are taught.

LP 3 I Can Sing

Students learn two songs that connect with themes they are studying. The class hears and imitates rhythms prominent in various cultures. Review of songs and games from previous lessons.

LP 4 Making Music

Students sing songs and play games from previous lessons, using everything they’ve learned.