How Plants Depend on Animals

How Plants Depend on Animals

Students will learn that animals help plants survive by contributing to seed dispersal, pollination, and photosynthesis. This unit introduces basic drama elements and protocols as students create machines and add-on sculptures, and use pantomime to embody the science concepts being taught.

Grade 3
Content Area Science
Key Benchmark SC 3.3.1: Describe how plants depend on animals

Art Form Drama
Art Benchmark FA 3.3.2: Create a dramatization based on a story
School Year 2005-2006
Artist Kelsey Rothrock
Unit Plan

GLO #2 Community Contributor
Assessment Work Sample (Science); Checklist (Drama, Science, GLO) See PDF files for details.:

Lesson Plans

LP 1 What is the Scientific Process?

Students set up an experiment to test the effect of various factors on seed germination.

LP 2 Introduction to Drama

Students are introduced to basic drama protocols—showing respect, listening, making eye contact, using good manners, and participating in teamwork.

LP 3 Stages of Plant Growth

Students learn to analyze data in the seed germination experiment; they learn the names of the different parts of a plant as it goes through the stages from seed to flower.

LP 4 Moving as Something Else

Students use pantomime and imagination to represent science vocabulary words with their bodies. They also form a group add-on sculpture showing how a seed becomes a flower.

LP 5 How Plants Make Food

Students learn about the process of photosynthesis.

LP 6 Plant Process Machines

Student groups create machines that communicate a natural process in the plant world, such as seed dispersal, pollination, or photosynthesis. They have to find motions and sounds to communicate the process and perform them so that the audience knows which process it was and how it works.

LP 7 Show What You Know (Science Assessment)

Students draw a plant, labeling the parts to show the stages of growth. They also write in their journals, documenting what they learned about factors affecting the germination of a seed.

LP 8 Drama Show How (Science/Drama Assessment)

Students create a final “scene” to show either 1) how plants make their own food or 2) how plants depend on animals. Students will decide which is the best way to create the final product, either by making a “machine,” using pantomime, or presented an actual scene.

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Lesson 4 - Moving as Something Else
Lesson 4 - Moving as Something Else