Honeycreeper & Lobelia: Symbiotic Relationship

Honeycreeper & Lobelia: Symbiotic Relationship

In science, students study the relationship between two species endemic to Hawaii, the Hawaiian Honeycreeper and Hawaiian Lobelia, and how they co-evolved, depending on one another for survival. In art sessions, students closely observe the physical form of the Honeycreeper and the Lobelia and learn to draw them. Then students complete a picture of a Hawaiian Honeycreeper and Lobelia.

Grade 3
Content Area Science
Key Benchmark SC 3.3.1 Describe how plants depend on animals.

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA 3.1.3 Use observational skills in creating an original work of art.
School Year 2010-2011
Artist Heather Scarbrough
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

The Hawaiian Honeycreeper

• Introduce Unit and Objective
• Teach lesson on how to draw anatomy of a Hawaiian Honeycreeper
• Students draw a Hawaiian Honeycreeper, and color it

The Hawaiian Lobelia

• Teach how to draw the anatomy of a Hawaiian Lobelia
• Students draw a Hawaiian Lobelia and color it

Completing the Picture

• Students draw a perspective background of trees and a mountain in pastel on black construction paper or black cardstock, and put the
picture together.
• Group discussion of the work