Hawaiian Printmaking

Hawaiian Printmaking

Students learn about traditional Hawaiian printmaking techniques and then apply these in printing their own contemporary designs. In the final session, the class creates a collective work that incorporates the individual designs of each student from previous sessions.

Grade Middle School
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark 6_8.1.2: Apply selected elements and principles of art and design in an original work of art

Art Form Hawaiian Cultural Arts
Art Benchmark 6_8.1.8: Analyze, using evidence, how cultural factors have affected works of art now and in the past
School Year 2006-2007
Artist George Place
Unit Plan

Assessment Student understanding of traditional Hawaiian printmaking techniques can be assessed by observing the processes as they use them.:

Lesson Plans

LP1 Designing a Block

Students are shown some traditional Hawaiian designs used for printing on kapa. The artist shares some of his own contemporary designs, discussing how his techniques and ideas are related to the traditional. Students then create their own designs for a block print.

LP2 Carving and Printing

Students carve their designs into rubber blocks and print on paper using acrylic paint.

LP3 Stamped Designs

Students stamp their block designs on one piece of fabric to make a collaborative artwork.

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Lesson 2 - Carving the Blocks and Printing
Lesson 2 - Carving the Blocks and Printing
Lesson 2 - Carving the Blocks and Printing
Lesson 3 - Stamped Designs
Lesson 3 - Stamped Designs