Fun with Numbers, Lines, and Shapes

Fun with Numbers, Lines, and Shapes

Students create works of art using numbers and geometric shapes. Students are introduced to warm and cool colors, positive and negative space. They apply symmetry in creating a mask.

Grade 2
Content Area Math
Key Benchmark MA 2.6.1 Demonstrate flips, slides, and turns by moving shapes

MA 2.6.2 Recognize line symmetry in plane figures
Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA.2.1.1 Use art elements and design principles with a variety of art media
School Year 2010-2011
Artist Anita Broennimann
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

Create a Number Painting

Using 12x18 drawing paper, students draw a bird head as directed, and embellish it using numbers from 2 to 9, then color it with oil pastels.

Finishing the Bird Paintings

Students complete their work from the first lesson.

Non-representational Art

On a piece of 12x18 drawing paper, students create a work of art using various geometric shapes, incorporating heavy and thin lines and curves, overlapping and sliding forms, as directed

Finishing the Geometric Artwork

Students complete their work from the 3rd lesson.

Create a Mask

On a 12x18 poster board, students draw a mask as directed, using scissors and color markers. Symmetry is discussed in relationship to the mask/face.

Finishing the Masks

Students color with markers, cut out, and finish their masks. Students share all their work with each other.

Additional Photos for "Fun with Numbers, Lines, and Shapes"

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Student work from Lessons 1 & 2
Student work from Lessons 1 & 2