Fun with Clay

Fun with Clay

Students will explore the idea of three-dimensional artwork and learn how to work with clay. They will make three small projects, let them dry, and paint them.

Grade 1
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA 1.1.1: Use various types of art media
School Year 2006-2007
Artist Alysia Samaru
Unit Plan

Assessment Students can explain the difference between 2- and 3-dimesional art. Students can use the pottery vocabulary that was introduced – pinch pot, slab, etc.:

Lesson Plans

LP 1 Making Pinch Pots

Students look at examples of 2- and 3-dimensional art and discuss how they are different. Students learn to work the clay and then pinch it into the shape of a pot.

LP 2 Butterflies

Students use the slab technique to create butterflies from clay.

LP 3 Knee Turtles

Students are shown how to make a turtle shell by forming the clay over one knee. They then learn how to attach one piece of clay to another, using water and roughing up the two surfaces, to add the head, legs, and tail.

LP 4 Painting Day

After all the pieces have dried, students paint them.

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Lesson 1 - Making Pinch Pots
Lesson 1 - Making Pinch Pots