Filming a Musical

Filming a Musical

1) Assemble Production Team (Directors Vision & Schedule) 2) Review & Edit Script 3) Cast Read through 4) Rehearsal & Filming • Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee • Summer Loving (Girls & Boys) • Greased Lightning 5) Editing Process 6) Opening Reception

Grade High School
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark FA 9-12.3.2: Use collaboration & revision to develop and produce a play or scene

FA 9-12.3.7: Apply period style to dramatic forms, production practices, and theatrical traditions from various cultures and historical periods
Art Form Drama
Art Benchmark FA 9-12.3.3: Analyze the physical, emotional, & social dimensions of characters in texts and performance
School Year 2008-2009
Artist Heidi Lee Hart
Unit Plan

GLO #2 Community Contributor
Assessment Rubric: (on scale of 1-rarely; 2; sometimes; 3-usually; 4-consistantly) • Cooperates with and helps encourage others in group situations • Analyzes conflict and applies methods of cooperative resolution • Responsibly implements a solution • Plans and manages time and resources to achieve goals GLO Assessment - Community Contributor: Cooperates with, helps, encourages others in group situations; generates new and creative ideas and approaches to developing solutions. :

Lesson Plans

LP 1-3 "Grease" Production Meetings

Artist meets with director/assistant director and helps organize the production crew. Director and Assistant discuss and establish theme, settings, characterization and roles of each player. Work schedule is organized: phone list, costumes & props. Artist teaches blocking techniques, musical cues, and music interpretation to director and assistant.

LP 4-7 Staging and Filming

Artist helps director and production crew work cohesively and create some interesting shots & camera angles. They establish characterization, intention, subtext and roles of each actor. Work to block and stage the dance movements in the style of the 50’s. Finally, the 3 musical numbers are filmed.

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Artist meets with Director and Assistant Director for production planning
Students rehearse Greased Lightning
Student prepares to film a musical number