Exploring Three Food Chains Thru Art

Exploring Three Food Chains Thru Art

In conjunction with learning about food chains in three different habitats, students create a drawing, a painting, and cards for a game.

Grade 2
Content Area Science
Key Benchmark SC 2.4.1: Explain how plants and animals go through life cycles

SC 2.5.1: Identify distinct environments and the different kinds of organisms each environment supports
Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA 2.1.1: Use the element of space and the principles of repetition and variety with a variety of art media
School Year 2008-2009
Artist Ellen Crocker and Sarah Fogelstrom
Unit Plan

Assessment Art Form –Finished work will show the ability to create sketches, draw in monochrome, shade with pencils, and paint with watercolors. Content Area –Students will explain the sequence of these food chains. :

Lesson Plans

LP 1-2 Drawing an Arctic Food Chain

Polar bears, seals, and fish. Students work from exemplars in library books to see the animals they are drawing. They draw with a pencil, learning about monochrome drawing, sketching, and value. The final drawing is done on Day Two.

LP 3 Grassland Food Chain

Cheetah, hyena, and secretary bird. Students sketch three animals in a food chain. using library books for exemplars. They sketch, draw, and learn how to use colored pencils for shading.

LP 4 Card Game

Using sketches from the prior class, students complete three index card drawings for a game.

LP 5 Hawaiian Food Chain

Dolphins, whales and plankton. Students sketch the three animals, using library books for exemplars. Then they use crayons to create the ocean floor and the details that will show in the sky for their Hawaiian ocean scene.

LP 6 Hawaiian Ocean Scenes

Students paint with watercolors over the crayon drawings they made the previous day. Then they glue their animals in place.

Additional Photos for "Exploring Three Food Chains Thru Art "

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Student shown how to shade with colored pencils
Drawing with crayons to create an ocean scene
Putting watercolor over the crayon drawing
Finished student work.