Exploring Musical Instruments

Exploring Musical Instruments

Students learn about the voice and body as a complex musical/language instrument. They explore rhythm patterns, pitch and melody, and how these connect with various moods, emotions and ideas. Students gain an understanding of how music and musical instruments have evolved. They are introduced to various instruments and instrument families, and use instruments in a performance that concludes their three-week introduction to music.

Grade 2
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark

Art Form Music
Art Benchmark FA 2.2.4 : Describe instrument families and sounds from various cultures.
School Year 2007-2008
Artist Jamilla Hannaford
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

LP1 The Human Body is an Instrument

Through activities and presented demonstrations students discover answers to questions such as “What is the most complex instrument on the planet?” “Why were instruments invented?” and “How do instruments make a sound?” They are introduced to Mozart as a musician and composer.

LP2 Instruments and Emotions

Through movement activities and creating sound augmentation for a story, students think about how instrumental sounds are linked to emotions. They also meet the composer Joseph Haydn and see and hear instruments from the string family.

LP3 Instruments and Story

Students enjoy the musical story of Peter & the Wolf, as orchestrated by composer Sergei Prokofiev. Instrument families are discussed, as well as how specific instrument sounds convey character and feeling.

LP4 Concert Day

The artist presents an interactive concert bringing together the learning from the previous lessons.

Additional Photos for "Exploring Musical Instruments "

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LP1a Students explore ways to make music with their bodies
LP2a Students respond to the emotional content of the music
LP2b Responding to music
LP2c Adding musical sound effects to a story
LP2d Musical sound effects
LP2e Stringed instrument family demonstrated
LP2f Another member of the stringed instrument family
LP3a Learning about instrument families in the orchestra
LP3b How instruments are organized by families in the orchestra
LP3c Seeing how instrument sounds can convey character and emotion
LP4a Concert Day
LP4b Class singing in the concert
LP4c Concert recap of Peter & the Wolf
LP4d Wind instruments demonstrated
LP4e Brass instruments demonstrated