Drawing by Seeing

Drawing by Seeing

Students learn to do contour, gesture, and 3-dimensional drawings using pencils and charcoal. In the last session, they use all the techniques practiced in previous lessons to create a detailed profile portrait of a classmate in charcoal.

Grade 5
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA 5.1.1: Use the elements of art and principles of design in works of art.
School Year 2008-2009
Artist Ellen Crocker and Heather Scarbrough
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

LP 1 Introduction to Contour Drawing

Students do an exercise to emphasize the fact that people express themselves in unique ways. In art, there is no one right way. Then they learn what a contour drawing is and they make several pencil drawings.

LP 2 Showing Form & Dimension in a Contour Drawing

Students learn how to make a contour drawing look three-dimensional using the technique of shading, and how to add detail.

LP 3 Gesture Drawing

Using gesture drawing, students will learn to convey what a thing is doing, rather than what it looks like or even what it is.

LP 4 Showing Three Dimensions

Students will create 3-D drawings of hands, drawing with both their dominant and non-dominant hands.

LP 5 Making a Profile Drawing

Students learn to use contour and value to make a 3-D profile drawing with charcoal.

LP 6 Finished Drawing

Using everything learned in the previous lessons, students will use charcoal to create a detailed profile portrait of a classmate.

Additional Photos for "Drawing by Seeing "

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A student tries a contour drawing of her own hand
the artist holds a pose while students try gesture drawings
Shading exercise to create 3-D effect
Making profile drawings using charcoal
Using fellow students as models for a profile drawing
Final work of individual students