Dramatizing a Story

Dramatizing a Story

Students explore character, setting, and plot by “becoming” animate and inanimate objects and story characters.

Grade 2
Content Area Language Arts
Key Benchmark LA 2.3.2: Identify the story elements of character, plot, and setting

LA 2.6.3: Express ideas through drama activities
Art Form Drama
Art Benchmark FA 2.3.1: se physical movements, rhythms, and voice to express simple feelings, character, and plot
School Year 2007-2008
Artist Cory Watson
Unit Plan

Assessment Drama Rubric Advanced: Uses the body to show the audience a clear depiction of setting and character. Demonstrates clear use of a prop. Tells a story, as a group, that has clear characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end. Proficient: Works with others to show different ways to express setting and character, using their bodies. Uses a prop. Tells a story, as a group, that has a fairly clear beginning, middle, and end. Partially Proficient: Works together to show one or two ways of using the body to express setting or character. Uses a prop. Tells a story, as a group, but the action may not always be clear. Novice: Has trouble showing the difference between settings or characters. Has trouble focusing as a group, therefore not being able to tell an understandable story together.:

Lesson Plans

LP1 Spacewalking

Students practice their ability to concentrate and work with others. Using the imagination, they try ways of showing that they are walking through different geographical settings. Students learn and practice the use of a prop. Students are guided through telling a story as a group.

LP2 Tableau and Role-Play

The students learn to create tableaux (frozen pictures using their bodies) to express pieces of the story, Toot and Puddle by Holly Hobbie. They also use improvisation to tell stories as the character of Toot, who travels around the world and sends Puddle picture postcards of his travels.

LP3 Expressing Character

Students create facial and body expressions that show various emotions. They divide in to groups so that half of them participate as an audience member, the other half as performers, and then switch. Students also show different actions based on the actions of characters from the story Toot and Puddle.

Additional Photos for "Dramatizing a Story "

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LP1a Warming up – “Make yourself big!”
LP1b Making a diamond shape with two people
LP1c Making a diamond shape in a different way
LP1d Walking a tightrope
LP2a Hearing the story of Toot & Puddle
LP2b Posing as an old man
LP3a A shy character
LP3b An angry character