Convention Center Contest Posters

Convention Center Contest Posters

Students plan, design, draw, and paint posters in response to the contest theme, using designated media. For each grade level, particular elements of art and principles of design are emphasized. In addition, students learn how to make a “stand-out” piece of work to submit to a contest.

Grade All
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA 2.1.1: Use the elements of art and principles of design with a variety of art media, appropriate for each grade level.
School Year 2007-2009
Artist Cherokee Shaner
Unit Plan

Assessment: Classroom teacher can assess understanding of art elements and principles of design during the process and by looking at the finished posters. Overall evaluation is done by contest judges, who look for work that is truly outstanding for each grade level.

Lesson Plans

LP1 Poster Planning with a Theme

Students are guided in planning, designing, and making a rough sketch in accord with the contest theme “Having Fun with Family & Friends.” They consider the questions: In the picture, what are you doing? who are you with? where are you?

LP2 Sketching

Students sketch lightly onto their full-size paper. They begin color with the background, then mid-ground, and foreground.

LP3 Adding Detail and Emphasis

Students detail their figures, action, and other main components of the picture.

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