Characters in The Little Red Hen

Characters in The Little Red Hen

Students learn how to differentiate characters in a familiar story through movment and voice, becoming the Cat, the Dog, the Duck, and the Little Red Hen in group activities. Students also make a paper plate stick puppet of the Little Red Hen and introduce the puppet to the class, using a voice for the puppet character they have created.

Grade K
Content Area Language Arts
Key Benchmark LA K.3.2: Identify characters and setting in a story read aloud

Art Form Drama
Art Benchmark FA 1.3.1: Recognize theatrical vocabulary
School Year 2005-2006
Artist Kelsey Rothrock
Unit Plan

GLO #2 Community Contributor
Assessment Observation (Drama); Checklist (GLO):

Lesson Plans

LP 1 Getting to Know You

Children are introduced to simple theatre games, creating an environment for safe participation by all.

LP 2 Paper Plate Puppets

After reviewing the story, students create Little Red Hen puppets using paper plates and a popsicle stick. They each have a turn to introduce their puppet to the class, using the voice and name they have created for the character.

LP 3 Creating Characters

Students create a different way of moving for each of the characters in the story, then add a distinctive voice. Then the class acts out the story as a group while the story is read aloud.

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Paper Plate Puppets
Creating Characters