Characterization in The Little Red Hen

Characterization in The Little Red Hen

Students learn how to create a voice for a character and how to perform a dialog. Students also make a paper plate stick puppet of the Little Red Hen and introduce the puppet to the class, using a voice for the puppet character they have created.

Grade 1
Content Area Language Arts
Key Benchmark LA 1.3.1: Identify the basic story elements of characters and setting

LA 1.6.1: Express ideas through drama activities
Art Form Drama
Art Benchmark FA 1.3.1: Recognize theatrical vocabulary
School Year 2005-2006
Artist Kelsey Rothrock
Unit Plan

GLO #2 Community Contributor
Assessment Checklist (GLO); Observation (Drama) See PDF files for details:

Lesson Plans

1. Getting to Know You

Students will create an environment that feels safe for group activities and will help create an “ohana” feeling. Activities and sharing will be done as a whole class.

2. Paper Plate Puppet

Students will make a Little Red Hen puppet. They will then choose a name for the puppet and create a voice for the character. Students will do a puppet parade, then each one will introduce the puppet to the class. Students will be encouraged to maintain their character voice throughout the introduction.

3. Creating Characters

Students will create a quick scene with a partner, in which the puppets talk to each other. Students will create a voice for the character and use it during the scene. Partners will share their scene with the class.

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Paper Plate Puppet
Lesson 3 - Creating Characters
Lesson 3 - Creating Characters