Butterflies and Turkeys

Butterflies and Turkeys

Students will follow the artist’s drawing and painting steps to create two images—a butterfly and a turkey. The most important part is to draw and paint large using the entire space of the paper. Each image will reinforce understanding of symmetry.

Grade 1
Content Area Math
Key Benchmark MA 1.6.1 Identify symmetrical shapes found in the real world.

Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA 1.1.5 Use familiar subjects and experiences to create original works of art
School Year 2010-2011
Artist Anita Broennimann
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans


Students are shown how to fold the paper in half and draw and paint one half to look like a one half of a butterfly. When they are finished with the painting and before the paint is dry, they unfold the paper, then fold it again so that the painted side touches the white side of the paper. When they finally unfold the paper –voila! there is a butterfly depicting perfect symmetry.


Students follow along as the artist draws a turkey in six steps, filling up the whole paper. Then they color the turkey with tempera paint and sprinkle with a bit of salt to soak up some of the paint, giving it a feathery texture. The design of the tail of the turkey introduces them to radial symmetry.

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