Body Conditioning

Body Conditioning

Students learn a dance warm up routine designed to develop core muscles. Then they learn line dances that increase in beats per minute & in complexity for building agility of foot movements in all sports, and coordination in general.

Grade High School
Content Area Physical Education
Key Benchmark Apply concepts, principles, tactics, and strategies to acquire, assess, and improve movement skills.

Art Form Dance
Art Benchmark Use kinesthetic awareness, concentration, and focus in performing movement skills.
School Year 2010-2011
Artist Warren d'Aquin
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

The Warm-Up Routine

The artist demonstrates and details a dance warm-up routine for developing core muscles. Students begin learning the routine.

Introduction of Line Dances

Students review and do the warm-up routine. Artist teaches one or more line dances.

Building Agility and Coordination

In lessons 3-20, students do warm-up routine. Previously taught and new line dances increase in beats per minute and complexity. Students practice and improve.