Art with Geometric Figures

Art with Geometric Figures

Students learn to apply understanding of geometric figures to various projects in visual arts.

Grade 3
Content Area Math
Key Benchmark MA 3.6.1: Predict and confirm the results of flipping, sliding, and turning shapes

MA 3.6.3: Recognize rotational symmetry of plane figures
Art Form Visual Arts
Art Benchmark FA 3.1.1: Use the elements and principles of art and design, including value, line, rhythm, movement, proportion and balance
School Year 2008-2009
Artist Ellen Crocker and Jan Pruden
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

LP1 Shape Transformations

Students cut out isosceles and right triangles, place them on paper, trace, and then predict the outcome of flipping and sliding the figures. Students then do an implied texture with pens and crayons, later using color to move the eye around the artwork. (Adapted from Toolkit lesson p. 152)

LP2 Making Quilt Blocks with Right Triangles

Students cut two different colored pieces of rectangular paper into triangles, learning about how parts equal a whole. The colored paper is glued to a white background paper, creating a block. Each student brings his/her block to the floor, creating a paper quilt. Art elements and design principles are discussed as various ways of composing the “quilt” are tried.

LP3 There Be Dragons Here

Students are asked to find illustrations of dragons in library books before this class. They are guided to look for the geometric shapes which form the basic shape of a dragon. Using crayons, students are introduced to the art elements of texture, line, and value. An exemplar is provided by the teaching artist. Students then create their own dragons using these art elements and design principles.

LP4 Geometric Pets

This is the same lesson plan as LP3 only the subject is different, this time drawing puppies and kittens. Students are shown exemplars again. Students draw their pets, using geometric shapes to form the animals.

LP5 Drawing an Animal in its Environment

Using crayon, students draw a giraffe using simple shapes and lines, putting the animal in an appropriate background. Discussion of proportion, texture, value, shading.

LP6 Painting Over Crayon

Students paint over the crayon drawing of the giraffe in its environment. Texture and value are discussed. The session ends with a Gallery Walk around the room to view all the finished pieces.

Additional Photos for "Art with Geometric Figures"

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Geometric flips and slides
Triangles become quilt blocks
Artist Janny Pruden looks at a drawing with a student
Drawing an animal using geometric shapes
Applying the watercolors.
Before and after the addition of the watercolor paint
Before and after the addition of the watercolor paint