Adventures in Music and Drama

Adventures in Music and Drama

Students engage in music-making and drama activities, developing a repertoire of stories and games that can be repeated throughout the year.

Grade 1
Content Area Fine Arts
Key Benchmark FA.2.3.1 Use physical movements, rhythms, and voice, to express simple feelings, character, and plot

Art Form Music
Art Benchmark FA.1.2.3 & 5 Sing a simple song and play simple rhythms
School Year 2009-2010
Artist Maureen Langberg
Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

Let's Move

Students discover ways to use their voices and bodies as music-making instruments. Students learn a song and a musical game, and play a variety of rhythm instruments. Finally, students are introduced to the drama technique of pantomime. They hear a familiar story and learn to pantomime actions.

Playing Music, Staging a Story

Using percussion instruments and bells students identify high and low, short and long, loud and soft, fast and slow sounds. Students learn to keep a steady beat, varying tempo and volume. The song and game from the previous lesson is reviewed. Next students hear a familiar story and are invited to improvise movements and actions. The drama technique of tableau or “frozen picture” is introduced.

Playing With What We Know

Students revisit the games, pantomimes, and songs they have learned. They create a series of tableaux, using a familiar story.

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Students use bells
Students show how the story character feels
Move to the beat!