SKEA Teaching Artists

These are the artists who participate in SKEA's Art of Learning Program. Please email to make changes to this page.

Anita Broennimann is a visual artist working in many media including watercolor, acrylic, oil pastel, collage, mixed media, print making, and paper-making.

She has many years’ experience working with these media with children and young adults in Kona’s schools, and is on the roster of official Artists-in-the-Schools for the State of Hawaii. Anita is excellent at making connections with curriculum topics in language arts, science, math, and social studies.

Grade Level Preference: 1st-12th

Carol Conner is an actor with professional broadcast experience who is available for a wide range of drama and oral communications activities with students, including Readers Theatre with scripts based on curriculum content. She was a drama resource teacher at Konawaena Elementary for 2 years and did many projects that involved students in performances with dialog, costumes, and props. She has experience working with a wide range of special needs students.

Grade Level Preference: 3rd-8th

Ellen Crocker is a multi-media artist who uses techniques of Sumi-e (Japanese ink brush), watercolor, and Japanese Batik (roketsu-zome) to create her paintings and art quilts. Her work has been influenced by the natural beauty of Hawaii as well as her affinity for Japanese culture. Visit her website at

Ellen has been teaching art in the Kona public schools since 1983, guiding students in creating personal sketchbooks while learning arts elements and design principles. Painting, with water based paints, Japanese ink (Sumi-e), and batik on paper or fabric. Art history is integrated with most of her lesson plans through exemplars.

Ellen is on the roster of official Artists-in-the-Schools for the State of Hawaii and has a lot of experience making connections between the visual arts and other curriculum areas.

Grade Level Preference: 3rd-12th

Lisa Folden is visual artist working with 2 or 3 dimensional media. She has taught art at Konawaena and Honaunau schools at the elementary level. Some of the projects include drawing, painting, textiles, printing and clay. She also has conducted basic art workshops for summer programs.

Grade Level Preference: K - 12

Jamilla Hannaford has been in the education field for more than 30 years, and playing music since age 7. Under the name Carla Hannaford, Ph.D. she has authored four books: /Smart Moves: Why learning is not all in your head/, /Awakening the Child Heart/, /The Dominance Factor/, and /Playing In The Unified Field: Growing conscious, creative human beings/. She has taught in 33 countries about the importance of music for brain development, and explored a wide range of musical styles. She plays violin, piano, guitar, drum, and cello. She enjoys sharing the depth and joy of music with children.

Grade Level Preference: Preschool - Grade 12

Heidi Lee Hart has a BFA in Design, a BA in dance, and is nearing completion of an AA in Hula. She dances hula on the cruise ships, has experience in the theatre arts, including costume and set design as well as acting, and has been trained to do curriculum-based Readers Theatre. She has worked as an art/drama/dance teacher at Kealakehe High School and Innovations Charter School, as well as going into South Kona classrooms as a SKEA artist. Her first love is sharing Hawaiian culture with students. Consider her for projects in Hawaiian Cultural Arts, Visual Arts, Drama, or Dance.

Grade Level Preference: 4th-12th; especially likes to work with high school students

Ahti Mohala iis a "multi-instrumentalist", proficient with all the woodwinds, ukulele, bass, steel guitar and guitar, and vocals. He has taught privately and in the schools for over twenty years Ahti has spent time as an artist in the classroom, as well as in young audience programs, and he taught for a year at Hualalai Academy. Ahti has studied many different cultural styles of music and rhythm, and performs currently on island with the Kona Chamber Orchestra, The West Hawaii County Band, and the Kona Celtic Connection, as well as being immersed in the recording scene.

Grade Level Preference: Preschool-12th grade

Alysia Samaru is a potter who has her studio in the SKEA building. She enjoys introducing students to clay as an artistic medium and can do from simple to complex projects. If your school has access to a kiln, she can guide students through all phases of a pottery project including firing and glazing. Without a kiln, students can simply learn how to work and shape clay or use a type of clay that air dries to have a finished piece at the end of the project. Alysia can make connections to clay as a geologic material and in its cultural uses, as well as a means for artistic expression.

Grade Level Preference: Preschool-12th

Momi Subiono is a former Hawaiian Studies Teacher for the Kupuna Program. She is a cultural practitioner of Hawaiian Ethnobotany, which is the study of native uses of plants. It includes making cloth and medicine, and various arts used in the Hawaiian lifestyle. She has studied under kupuna and world renowned teachers in this field. Over the last ten years, she has taught in Kona’s schools, working with classroom teachers to make connections in science, art, social studies and literature. She considers it a great honor to teach the youth of Hawai’i.

Grade Level Preference: Preschool-12th

Sharon Waters SKEA welcomes Sharon Waters, a versatile artist holding a BA in Art Education and Fine Arts.She is an experienced teacher and can assist students to create large mural projects on paper or permanent surfaces. She teaches basic drawing and painting, using pencil, chalk, crayons or watercolors. She has created many mixed-media projects with science-based biology and botany applications. Sharon also enjoys bookmaking, combining art with creative writing curriculums to present as published student works. She has conducted student art workshops in numerous art museums, art camps and other recreational programs. She appreciates the diversity found in all age groups.

Grade Level Preference: Pre/K-12th